Rooftop Family:

Creating a positive space for students and families is our community vision at Rooftop. Last week our climate committee met and we talked about our work so far this year in establishing Positive Behavior Intervention & Supports (PBIS) at our school.  This is all based on a behavioral and academic Response to Intervention (RTI) system that consists of three tiers.  Tier 1 is the expectations for all students in all spaces of our school life.  In essence, all community rules, procedures and policies are guided by the tier 1 guidelines:  Be Safe, Be Respectful & Be Responsible.  Tier 1 supports are primarily reinforced in the classroom and are  proactively connected to learning by explicitly being applied in context.  Teachers and staff can redirect behavior in a manner that speaks to our expectations and thus provide a calm rationale for why behavior is or is not being safe, respectful or responsible.  PBIS offers many strategies for positive recognition of expectations being met and exceeded during the school day.

Please add these expectations to the conversations at home as additional supports to bind our community development process together.  By speaking the same language, we create a safe and consistent system for guiding our students to happiness and success.  Thank you in advance for your support!


為山頂學生和家庭創建一個積極的空間是我們山頂社區的遠景。上週我們的氣候委員會召開會議談到我們今年到目前為止我們在校內建立積極行為干預和支持(PBIS)的工作。這是建基於一種行為和學術干預反應(RTI)系統並該系統包括三個層次。第一層次是所有學生在我們學校所有生活空間的期望。當中的真髓是所有的社會規則,程序和政策是由第一層次的準則指導:是安全的,要尊重並負責。第一層次的支持主要是在課堂上加強和通過明確的情況下被應用於主動連接到學習。 教師和工作人員可以在改變行為時講及我們的期望並從而提供了一個平靜的理由提出為何行為是或不是安全,尊重和負責。積極行為干預和支持(PBIS)提供了許多策略在校期間得到滿足並超出預期的積極認可。



Michael Reichle