Rooftop Family … Greetings!

We wish to thank all of our families and volunteers for the great support and responsiveness that you all have provided thus far. For many of you, this support has been ongoing for decades at Rooftop. You are all precious treasures!

Indeed we are living in a digital age where instant gratification is omnipresent.  As we have been conducting dialogue with many students and teachers, a theme has emerged from our observations and revelations that indicate what kind of world our kids are navigating.  In essence, many students are complaining about being tired and weary when they struggle with the lesson requirements or student duties in the classroom.  When referred to us for conflict resolution, we frequently hear from the kids that they feel tired and stayed up too late and lost their composure and executive functions as a result.  Many students reported that they were up late surfing the smartphones, watching movies or playing video games for hours on end.  In addition, many kids cannot substantiate that they are eating sufficiently to fuel their minds and bodies for a busy school day.  This may or may not be the precise reality, but it merits our attention nonetheless.  Current research has demonstrated how detrimental these conditions are for educational outcomes.

Teachers are bemused that the grit, stamina and resiliency required to develop the growth mindset and see enormous intellectual gains have been compromised over the years because of the societal developments all around us.  The best we can do is work together to monitor our kids’ nutritional intake, sleep regimen and access to electronic entertainments with the understanding that abundance of healthy food and sleep combined with moderation of gamma-ray exposure at night is the scientific method to a healthier and happier student.

Thank you for helping us help your kids be the best that they can be!

Michael & Tiffany




事實上我們生活在一個數碼時代,即時滿足是無所不在的。當我們一直與許多學生和老師對話時, 從我們的觀察和啟示裡我們發現一個主題已經呈現並表明我們的孩子正在一個什麼樣的世界裡。許多學生當他們在課程要求或在教室裡學生的職責上掙扎時感覺疲倦和厭倦。當轉交到我們作解決衝突時,我們經常從同學中聽到他們說他們覺得非常疲倦,因為熬夜太晚而失去了鎮定和行政職能力。許多學生報告說他們熬夜在智能手機上網,看電影或玩視頻遊戲。此外很多孩子無法證實他們吃足够食物給予他們的頭腦和身體足够燃料來應付學校忙碌一天。 這可能不是精確的現實,但仍然值得我們的關注。目前的研究表明這些不利的條件會影響教育成果。



Michael & Tiffany