Rooftop Family:

We are excited about the positive energy and teamwork that we are seeing and feeling across Rooftop! Tiffany and I have adjusted our schedules for this school year so that we are now spending full days at each campus. We are three days at one campus and two days at the other, and then switch that each week. We have found that this format gives us more of an opportunity to be present and visible on each site, visit more classrooms to see amazing teaching and learning, and to build strong relationships with our students.

Thanks to 2nd grade teacher Nicole Wickstrom’s leadership and Rooftop parent, MaryAnn Ibrahim, our Wellness Program launched last Monday for 1st and 2nd grade with great success. Our Wellness teacher, Hope, taught 1st grade at San Francisco School (private), and Katherine, the founder of Headstand, will be co-teaching the classes with her until the program is up-to speed. There’s been a lot of positive feedback from the teachers, and parents are totally excited as well. Additionally, the folks from Headstand have volunteered to send a yoga teacher to Rooftop once a week for staff yoga!

Our recess at Burnett continues to be a positive experience for children and adults, with Playworks Coach Mike successfully engaging with students at Burnett as well as the 5th graders at Mayeda. Our new and improved yard team is stronger than ever and now meets weekly as a team with administration to help build cohesion. Yard staff and support staff are participating in the twice-a-week Positive Discipline lessons in classrooms to support common language and expectations across the entire school. Elementary physical education teacher, Coach Chris, is a welcome addition to the Rooftop team, and the kids really love him!

Thank you for your ongoing support of our work here at Rooftop!

With much gratitude,
Jeff & Tiffany




感謝Nicole Wickstrom二年級老師的領導和MaryAnn Ibrahim山頂父母。我們為一年級和

Playworks教練Mike成功地與Burnett校園的學生以及Mayeda校園五年級的學生的參與以至我們Burnett校園的小息對兒童和成人是一個積極的經驗。我們的新的和改善的操場團隊比以往更強大,現在每星期團隊與管理人員召開會議以幫助建立凝聚力。 操場的工作人員和支持人員參加每星期兩次在教室的正面管教課以支持整個學校的共同語言和期望。



Jeff & Tiffany