Rooftop Family:

Can you believe that this is our last update of the school year? I’d like to thank you for welcoming me to the Rooftop community this year, and for all of your hard work and dedication in supporting our students and school community.

I greatly appreciate the positive energy I’m feeling around this new chapter in the life of Rooftop. We’ve had a record-breaking year in fundraising, you’ve participated in a million school events, you’ve shown up to First Friday coffees, you’ve chaperoned field trips, you’ve supported our teachers in their classrooms, you’ve helped organize our corporate volunteers, you’ve participated on a variety of committees, you’ve cooked, you’ve cleaned, you’ve organized…and, for all of this, we are extremely grateful.

The Rooftop community would like to give a special thank you to Joel Alegria, PTA president, and his family for their past 2 years of dedication and volunteerism.

Also, thank you to our outgoing Board Members, our New Families Welcome Committee, our Tours Committee, the Year Book Committee and our translators, Veronica Lobo and Becky Ching.

Both Tiffany and I are looking forward to some much needed rest and relaxation (Jim and I are heading to Puerto Rico in June). Then, we’ll be getting together with our teacher leaders to plan for the upcoming school year.

As we look to the fall, we’ll be saying good-bye to some Rooftop staff and families as they begin new chapters in their lives, and we’ll be welcoming a few new staff members and a whole new group of Rooftop students and families. We’ll be deepening existing partnerships and building new ones. We’ll be trying out new ideas and continuing to celebrate the traditions that make Rooftop so special. And, all along the way, we’ll be happy to have you joining us for the exciting ride.

Thank you, again, for being a valued part of Rooftop. Have a safe and amazing summer!

With much gratitude,

Jeff & Tiffany




山頂社區想特別感謝家長教師協會主席Joel Alegria和他的家人在過去的2年內的奉獻和

同時感謝我們的董事會成員,我們的新家庭歡迎委員會,我們的參觀學校委員會,年鑑委員會和我們的翻譯員Veronica lobo和Becky Ching。





Jeff & Tiffany