Rooftop Family…

We want to thank our outgoing PTA Board members for their hard work and dedication to the Rooftop community! Having now worked with the Board for a year, I can say we are extremely fortunate to have had such an amazing team working to support our school!

As we look to the upcoming school year, we are very pleased to introduce and welcome the newly elected Rooftop PTA Board members! We are happy to see the composition of the Board representing the rich diversity of the Rooftop community.

  • President: Hanh McMurray
  • Executive VP: Caroline Abate
  • VP Burnett: Priscilla Smith
  • Secretary: Joel Alegria
  • Treasurer: Mary Mattola
  • Communications: Maryann Ibrahim
  • Fundraising: Shanna Abeloff
  • Tech: Sebastien Thugnot
  • Auditor: Jeff Vogel
  • Membership: Eisa Gray
  • Parent Outreach Coordinator: Luis Leiva
  • Historian: Kamael Burch

Thank you to everyone who gives of their time to make Rooftop the best it can be for our entire school community!

With much gratitude,
Jeff & Tiffany





  • 主席: Hanh McMurray
  • 執行副主席: Caroline Abate
  • Burnett副主席: Priscilla Smith
  • 秘書: Joel Alegria
  • 財政: Mary Mattola
  • 通訊: Maryann Ibrahim
  • 籌款: Shanna Abeloff
  • 技術: Sebastien Thugnot
  • 核數師: Jeff Vogel
  • 會籍: Eisa Gray
  • 家長外展負責人:Luis Leiva
  • 歷史負責人: Kamael Burch


Jeff & Tiffany