Greetings Rooftop Family:

This message greets us in anticipation of summer break, which is well-deserved for all of the incredibly hard working, dedicated and tireless members of our community.  Congratulations!

The chorus gave us some remarkable performances at the end of the year, and last Friday’s school performance was no exception.  What amazing harmonies, solos and songs!  The students inspired all of us with their positive tones and expressions.  Thank you to Victor & Victor in addition to the guest musicians who made all of it possible.

Thank you to Joyce Woo and Jenny Kennedy for your hard work organizing 4th grade poetry night.  What a success!!!  Tears were flowing from the emotional verses of our young poets.  5th grade poetry night is tonight and we thank Ms. Mocklin and Mr. Mayhew in advance for their efforts to prepare and allow our 5th graders to shine.

A huge thank you to our athletic director, Christian MacMurray, for organizing the sports banquet and for all of your presence and support to our students and athletic programs.  We appreciate all of our coaches and assistant coaches for their great contributions and encouragement to all of our teams and student athletes.  You epitomize Rooftop Spirit!

The volunteer lunch last week was one way that we recognize how special this Rooftop community is in terms of collective volunteerism and community organization.  Thank you to everyone who organized this and continue to take precious time out of your daily schedules to offer your lives and energies to supporting our students and programs.  I wish I  could shake your hands and offer individual thanks to each and every one of you personally, as this would extend to countless numbers of individuals who have helped us this year in a myriad of ways.  Thank you so much to all of our PTA members and friends who continue to support Rooftop in a manner that is essential to our ongoing success and development.  We could not do it without you!

Lastly, I wish to thank all of our teachers and staff members for all of their great resolve and earnest efforts this year.  No matter what obstacles or difficulties you face, you are always positive and caring people in your ongoing determination to teach and understand students.  Bravo!!!  Well done, World Honored Ones!

Please enjoy your summers and we will see you in August!


Michael & Tiffany