Rooftop Family:

We are extremely excited to be working with our partner, Hack Reactor, to support our technology programming in the middle grades. Hack Reactor is working in collaboration with David Brody and Carlo Delgadillo on a 7th grade project that would be completed over six lessons and would cover javascript fundamentals with the final goal of building a simple game. The teachers and Hack Reactor have worked together to incorporate aspects of persuasive and research writing into the projects that the students will design with their code as well. We look forward to our students’ final products, and our continued collaboration with our friends at Hack Reactor!

As a result of feedback and advocacy from teachers, the administrative team, and an outside consultant, SFUSD has agreed to increase Rooftop’s number of credentialed, special education teachers from three to five for the upcoming school year! The addition of these two teaching positions benefit all students in that we will be able to move to a more inclusive, in-class, co-teaching model with both a regular education teacher and a special education teacher in the classroom. We look to welcoming two new team members to Rooftop and to being able to provide this additional support for our students in the upcoming school year!

With much gratitude,
Jeff & Tiffany