Rooftop Family:

Please join us for our 1st Annual Equity/Diversity Fair at our Mayeda Campus! Saturday, May 2, 2015, 10:00-2:00 p.m.

Presenters include: Lyric, SFUSD, Our Family Coalition, and San Francisco Coalition of Essential Small Schools.

Topics for the community will include: Cultural Competency, Restorative Practices, FAIR Education Act, LGBTQ 101 and Allyship 101. Free health screenings will be provided by Walgreens!

We’ll have art projects and games for kids on the yard! We hope to see you there for this fun and educational event!

As you know, we’re already doing “tinkering” in 1st grade! Last week, the Spark Truck came to Rooftop as a culminating project for the 1st grade “tinkerers.” The Spark Truck’s mission is “to spread the fun of hands-on learning to kids all across the USA, empowering teachers and students to find their creative potential.”

We now have two mobile tool carts available to support “making” at the Mayeda campus. Please join us on the roof at the Mayeda campus on Thursday, April 30 from 9-12 p.m.along with our friends from Salesforce to help assemble our new “maker shed!” Be a part of the true “making” spirit!

A 1st grade parent recently shared this NY Times article that is definitely worth a read! “If we want children to be independent thinkers, we should give them the tools – and the challenges – to figure it out for themselves:”

Thank you to Amy Balsbaugh for supporting tinkering this school year!

Jeff & Tiffany





主持人包括: Lyric,三藩市聯合校區,我們的家庭聯盟和三藩市小型學校聯盟。







如你所知我們的一年級已經在做 “修修補補”!上週星火卡車來到山頂作為一年級






一個一年級家長最近分享這一紐約時報文章,絕對是值得一讀! “如果我們想要孩子成為

獨立思考者,我們應該為他們提供工具 – 與挑戰 – 要自己弄清楚


謝謝Amy Balsbaugh支持本學年的“修修補補”!

Jeff & Tiffany

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