Dear Rooftop Family,

Congratulations to Congratulations to Ms. Smith’s 1st grade, Ms. Katie’s 1st grade, Calvin (2nd grade), Zion (3rd grade), Takuya (4th grade), Sophie (4th grade), and Yzabella (4th grade) for their entries in the Ezra Jack Keats Bookmaking Competition including 6 books from Rooftop students!

Next week we start preparing for SBAC testing in grades 3-8.  Please help prepare our students with the motivational encouragement to try one’s best for the protracted periods of the testing sessions and see the experience as an exercise in grit and resiliency.  Assessments are not the purpose of our educational endeavors per se, but they are important summative benchmarks that give us one measure of progress and growth in addition to other formative, informal and performance-based methods of feedback.  Thank you in advance for the preparation of helping the students rest, eat well and build their confidence for the upcoming challenge.  There are two sessions for language arts, two for math, and a science test for 5th and 8th grades.  The first of the two math and language arts tests are computer-adaptive, which will adjust based on the responses given to each question.  The other two are based on performance tasks, requiring short answer responses and justification of thinking.  Science tests are still pencil and paper, multiple-choice formats.

Cheer them on to success!!!

Michael & Tiffany