Greetings Rooftop Family:

Thanks for everyone who came out to support our Rooftop Annual Auction on Saturday!  What a great event with a powerful surge of support and enthusiasm for Rooftop.  It is the generous Rooftop spirit of volunteerism and altruism that helps us to supplement the resources to the students’ experience and truly makes this a special community.

In particular, I would like to thank all of our wonderful PTA Board members that worked furiously behind the scenes to make this auction the incredibly gala that it is.  Maryann Ibrahim and Shanna Abeloff once again took the lead and did a phenomenal job of planning and coordinating.  Special mention goes out to Ben Lempert for his contribution of best original score for a Rooftop auction!

All of us who participated can feel proud that we were able to guarantee enrichment and programmatic augmentation to our school community.  It does not matter whether we can put up big dollars–it is the heart to participate that is important.