Rooftop Family:

We need your help! With our Rooftop Auction quickly approaching, we are in need of donations from local businesses to support our efforts. Please reach out your local service providers to secure donations for our Auction and drop them off with the secretary at either campus. Thank you for your support!

Thank you to James Donaher and his team for power washing the amphitheater at the Mayeda campus this past weekend! It looks beautiful!

A huge thank you to Amy Balsbaugh for supporting STEAM opportunities by offering a 10 week Tinkering series to our first grade students! “Using everyday materials in open-ended projects, students transform the ordinary to the extraordinary while nurturing problem solving skills, building creative confidence, encouraging collaboration, and empowering students as agents of their own success.”

Our STEAM planning continues for our middle grade students as well. Nick Grandy, from our partner, will be volunteering his time to work with 6th grade Science teacher, Aaron Weis, to do some STEAM curriculum planning for this spring. Through our funding, we’ve purchased two “Makerspace in a Box” filled with tools to support our students’ hands-on learning. You can check them out here:

To further support our efforts to provide our students additional opportunities for hands-on learning through STEAM, we’re taking full advantage of the roof space at the Mayeda campus! We’ve installed additional power outlets and a stainless steel sink is on the way. Also, the district has approved the placement of a work shed on the roof. You can see what it will look like here: and here:

Last week, I visited the Katherine Delmar Burke School to check out their makerspace and STEAM programming. I took some photos and put them into a slideshow that you can check out here:

If you have an interest in STEAM and the use of makerspaces, in particular, and are interested in helping out with this work, please send an email to We’d love to have your support!

Finally, as we prepare for the grand opening of our Wellness Center at the Burnett campus, we’d like to invite you to stop by for Open House next week during parent conferences to check it out! We hope to see you there!

Jeff & Tiffany




謝謝James Donaher和他的團隊過去的這個週末努力清洗露Mayeda校園天劇場在Mayeda校園!它看起來很美麗!

巨大的感謝Amy Balsbaugh對STEAM機會的支持通過提供十週修修補補系列給我們一年級 的學生!”使用日常材料 (紙毛巾卷、 牛奶盒、 吸管等) 重點在改造平凡到非凡,同時,培養解決問題的能力,建立創造的信心,鼓勵合作,賦予學生為自己成功的代理商”。我們的STEAM計劃將繼續於我們的中學年級的學生。Nick Grandy,從我們的合作夥伴,將義務與六年級科學老師Aaron Weis一起工作計劃今年春天STEAM課程。透過我們的Salesforce.com的資金,我們已經購買了兩個“Makerspace在一個盒子”充滿了工具來支持我們的學生的。你可以在:HTTP://得到更多資料。


上星期我參觀了Katherine Burke學校來檢查他們的makerspace和STEAM的計劃。我拍了一些照片,並把它們放到一個幻燈片,你可以在:查閲。



Jeff & Tiffany