Rooftop Family:

Did you know that the admission fee to the Rooftop Auction on Saturday, March 14 includes a catered buffet, two hosted bars(!), live music/dancing, and amazing classroom art projects? We can’t wait to see you there!

We are in the process of reviewing and updating our vaccination information. Please take a moment to make sure that you have provided updated vaccination information for your children to the school office. Thank you!

All schools in the premier cohort of Response to Intervention training have access to the support of the San Francisco Coalition of Essential Small Schools (SF-CESS).

The primary focus of SF-CESS will be in supporting us in developing a Cultural Proficiency lens through which we can look at our Response to Intervention needs and practices. We have been assigned the support of two coaches: Romeo Garcia and Jo Brownson.

A first step in this process is to engage in an Equity Walk. This Equity Walk will take place on Wednesday, March 11. We will visit every classroom and space at Rooftop. Participants in the Walk will include representative teachers, parents, students (Student Council), and administrators. We will use the SF-CESS Cultural Proficiency Rubric to guide our work. (We will post the rubric on

Additional support will include learning opportunities open to our entire school community. Tentative topics include: Understanding our historical and current social context, Exploring our own identities (increased awareness and consciousness), Developing and using common agreements, language and protocols (conditions to interrupt inequities), From Affinity to alliances across difference, Discourse 2 probing questions (also conditions to interrupt inequities), The cycle of inquiry: Inquiry for equity, The critical friendship protocol, Community networking event: School showcase (taking new, informed and improved action; increased awareness and consciousness).

As I’ve gotten to know our school community better over the course of this year, I have been impressed by our willingness to be reflective about our practices and to engage in courageous conversations about how to best meet the needs of all of our students. I am hopeful that our partnership with SF-CESS will help to support us in deepening our commitment to ensure that Rooftop is a school where all students can be equally successful.

Jeff & Tiffany