Rooftop Family:

Our caring, supportive, and nurturing community is one of the many things that makes Rooftop so special. It contributes to the “Rooftop Spirit.” Joining us for the Auction is a great way for you to contribute to making our community even stronger. Your child’s teacher, principal and vice principal will be there, so you’ll know at least three people there to help you get socializing!

Our camera and door buzzer system is now fully functional at the main entrance to the Burnett campus. This is the same system that has been in place at the Mayeda campus. When you visit the main entrance to the Burnett campus, simply press the doorbell to the left of the doors and wait to be buzzed in. Thank you for being our partner in school safety!

As you know, this year we’ve started to get the ball rolling with STEAM at Rooftop (Science, Technology, Engineer, Arts, Mathematics). One of the ways in which students are being engaged in this work is through “tinkering.”

What is tinkering?

Tinkering is experimenting with ideas, tools and materials to discover the myriad of possibilities that everyday objects can hold. Tinkering allows us to invent marvelous creations through working with our hands, persevering through setbacks, and engaging with others in creative collaboration. Tinkering allows for empowered, active learning. It is real interaction with real objects, real tools, and real people. Tinkering is “thinking with our hands.”

For 10 weeks this semester, our first graders are engaging in an exploration of TINKERING. Using everyday materials (paper towel rolls, milk cartons, straws, etc.) the sessions focus on transforming the ordinary to the extraordinary while nurturing problem solving skills, building creative confidence, encouraging collaboration, and empowering students as agents of their own success.

Each Thursday, our first graders are issued a new challenge, using a different materials and tools each week. Fantastic ideas and collaboration are celebrated, setbacks are viewed as opportunities to learn, and ideas are shared in group discussions. On Fridays, the same challenge materials and tools are available at free-choice time for students to continue exploring in a self-directed way.

A very special thank you to all of our parents who help out with tinkering, including Amy Balsbaugh…and our amazing teachers who show such enthusiasm for engaging our students in hands-on learning.

Finally, Friday, February 6 is going to be Rooftop Spirit Day! This is coming from our Burnett Student Council, so please support their efforts and send your child to school in Rooftop gear on Friday! We’ll also have Rooftop stickers available!

Jeff & Tiffany