Dear Rooftop Family

As we are in the budgeting season, I wish to update everyone on our progress.  After reviewing feedback from our Community Meetings, we are preparing to look at the numbers and begin to formulate a plan of action for next year with the PTA and SSC committees.  We will have our SSC planning retreat on March 4th, which will be an opportunity for dialogue and sharing of research in terms of programs.
Right now, we feel a trauma-informed program like UCSF Hearts is a frontrunner in terms of social-emotional supports for the school.  We are seeing the coaching and presence on site as a great augmentation to the PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports) work we have been implementing at our school.
To do any of this, we need to rely on your generous support.  The big annual auction is our great opportunity to fund programs like Hearts that can benefit our students and school community.  Please purchase your auction tickets and support this effort in any way that you can.  It is not about how much each person can give, rather it is giving everyone a chance to participate and do whatever they can to bring the best possible supports to our school.  This is about community, where every single person plays an important part by being involved and supporting the movement for better programming and supports for Rooftop.
Thanks for all that you do, have done, and will continue to do!  We could not do it without you!!!
Michael & Tiffany