Greetings Rooftop Family!

Happy Black History Month!

Congratulations to our Mayeda United Scholars students for receiving the $2,000 Bling grant.  Your hard work paid off!  How auspicious that we receive this news at the advent of our Black History Month festivities.  Special consideration and appreciation should be extended to Therese Hickey, Carlo Delgadillo, Vanessa Contreras, Shauna Moss-McGuire, and Veronica Garcia for their support, planning and coordination of this application.  We are proud of you!

Speaking of pride, I hope all of our African-Americans Honor Roll inductees will attend the African-American Honor Roll Celebration on February 23rd at 5pm.  Our students are making the causes to create a rich and victorious history for future generations to admire and respect.  A delicious dinner awaits!  Our very own Rooftop’s African American Parent Group invites you to the 2nd Annual Family Dinner and Movie Night n honor of Black History Month on February 24th at 6pm.  That’s two dinner treats in a row!!!

Hope that all of you are feeling the love from Valentine’s day!

Michael & Tiffany