Rooftop Family:

Please take a moment to pull out your smart phones, iPads, and “Hello Kitty” wall calendars! The biggest
event of the year, Rooftop’s Annual Auction and Children’s Art Show, is set for Saturday, March 14, 2015
at the Hall of Flowers in Golden Gate Park!

Rooftop’s Annual Auction is the biggest party of the year to celebrate our children’s’ art and their achievements. Please bring a friend and your checkbook as we celebrate all of the things that make Rooftop so special!

Speaking of things that are special, your Rooftop STEAM Team went on a field trip to check out the Mission Science Workshop last week! We toured the space with their director to see a maker space in action and to brainstorm ways we might build a partnership to support our own “making” here at Rooftop. If you have a particular interest in makerspaces and are interested in volunteering some of your time, please email me directly at

Last week, I had the pleasure of meeting with our Social Justice Committee at the Mayeda campus. I was so impressed to see how the student-run group (under the guidance of Vanessa Contreras) was focused on social, emotional, and behavioral supports for students in the middle grades! The kids had heard about the Wellness Center being developed for the Burnett campus, and wanted to advocate for a similar space at Mayeda. They were extremely persuasive and we left the meeting with an agreement to develop a space at Mayeda. We also talked about working with our social worker, Amber Wolff, to adjust her schedule to be more available to middle grade students. The students are now going to focus their efforts on following-up on School Board member Matt Haney’s promise to support an additional social worker at Rooftop.

We welcome and appreciate everyone who supports our students! Mehreen Shahzad and Samantha Land are paraprofessionals who have recently joined the Rooftop team to support our students at the Burnett campus. Laticia Lonon, a USF intern, will be working in B202, Amy Whitcomb’s class, on Wednesdays. Be sure to welcome them to Rooftop when you see them!

Jeff & Tiffany


請花點時間拿出你的智能手機,平板電腦 和’Hello Kitty’月曆 !山頂最重大的活動今年一年一度拍賣會和兒童藝術展將在二零一五年三月十四日星期六在金門公園裡的花大廳舉行!


說到特別的事情,山頂的STEAM團隊在上星期參加美慎科學講習班 !我們與他們的主管參觀了他們的工作室並看到他們正在製造 makerspace,並尋找各種方法來在山頂建立夥伴關係來支持我們在山頂製造makerspace。如果你對makerspaces有特別的興趣和感興趣用你的一些時間成為義工,請直接給我發電子郵件。

上個星期我在 Mayeda 校園與社會正義委員會有一次很好的會議。當我看見學生運行組 (在Vanessa Contreras指導下)為初中學生在社會、 情感和行為上的支持的成績我的印像很深刻 !他們聽說Burnette校園裡正在開發的健身中心,他們也想要在Mayeda提倡相似的設備。他們是非常有說服力,當離開會議時我們協定會在 Mayeda校園開發一個相似的設備。我們還談到了和我們的社會工作者Amber Wolff調整她的辦公室時間表來提供更多時間給初中學生。現在學生們打算將其努力集中在跟進在學校董事會成員Matt Haney答應支持在山頂內額外的社會工作者,。

我們歡迎並感謝所有支持我們學生的人 !Mehreen Shahzad和 Samantha Land是准專業人員最近加入了山頂團隊在Burnett校園裡支持我們的學生。三藩市大學實習生Laticia Lonon將於星期三在B202號房Amy Whitcom課室工作。當你看見他們時一定要歡迎他們來到山頂!

Jeff & Tiffany