Greetings Rooftop Family:

Congratulations on the celebration and observance of Lunar New Year!  The year of the Rooster signifies the qualities of confidence, pompousness and motivation, from a symbolic reference base. Let us humbly usher in this new year with a healthy confidence in the hope of new developments and keep motivated to help our community flourish and grow. Let us toast together a joyful “Cock-a Doodle Do!”

Our second Community Meeting is this Thursday at 6pm at Rooftop. These meetings are incredibly beneficial to the school vision for next year and we have observed historical developments based on the insights and feedback we have gleaned from these meetings.

Hope to see you there!

Michael & Tiffany


祝賀農曆新年的慶祝和紀念農曆新年!雞年象徵著信心的質量,繁榮和動機。讓我們謙虛地迎接新的一年,對新發展希望有充分的信心並保持積極幫助我們的社區蓬勃發展。讓我們一起歡慶一個快樂的“Cock-a Doodle Do!”



Michael & Tiffany