Greetings Rooftop Family:

It was indeed a great start to 2017 last week.  Happy New Year again!!!

We all seemed to be readjusting to the school schedule after staying up a little later during break and playing with our new toys.  It can be a difficult transition, in terms of regulating our sleep schedule and returning to a routine that is free of screen time and leisure activities.  Let us all try to encourage our kids to move ahead and refocus their energies on the essential tasks ahead of us.  Let us all be sensitive that certain tensions, anxieties and disparities can occur before and after the holidays in terms of the diversity of family situations, gift bounties and cultural recognitions that can be juxtaposed immediately after the end of the holiday season.

We have encouraged the students to reboot the new year with some collective resolutions for improving the climate and reaffirming our commitment to being: safe, respectful and responsible in a variety of contexts and environments here at school.  We are proud of their resolve and their first week of implementation.  Congratulations!

It’s already time to plan for next year!  We look forward to hearing your input for next year at the upcoming Community Meeting on January 19th at Whitney Young Circle at 6pm.  We will host another one at Rooftop on February 2nd at 6 pm.  We value the contributions from the community as they have shaped our programs in a big way thus far.   Have a great week!

Michael & Tiffany