Greetings Rooftop Family:

First of all, we wish to thank Alicia, Maria, Joel and Giovanna for preparing the delicious tamales for the teachers and staff last Thursday for James and Joel’s Tamalada.  Muchas Gracias!!!!

The African-American Parent Group (AAPG) hosted an incredible Kwanzaa celebration last Friday!  The students illuminated the seven principles, the participants boogied to the conga drums rhythms, and we all enjoyed candle-making and discourse over excellent homemade delicacies.  Thank you to all those who worked so hard behind the scenes to make it such a grand success.  Imoji!

Speaking of thanks and appreciation, as we near the end of the semester and the year 2016, I must reflect on my blurry rear-view mirror of memories and realize how many people have helped, assisted and encouraged our efforts along the way.

So many parents, partners, volunteers and friends have participated on their own time (and their own dime) to create a community of participation, collaboration and enrichment.  Without your help, Rooftop could never continue to run with all of its wonderful character, attributes and diversity of programs and activities.  Thank you to all the committees, boards, groups and singular associations that have made our year work so spirited and smooth.

Our teachers and staff members are incredibly talented, dedicated and committed to the Rooftop community and keep the spirit alive and vibrant in their day to day efforts.  Without the wisdom, innovation and compassion of the classroom teacher, we would not see the growth that Rooftop has exhibited all these years.  Thank you all for your incredible diligence and perseverance.

Our students have demonstrated great improvements as well!  We see creativity, passion and curiosity in so many of their smiling faces!   We are proud of you!!!

Let us all renew our determinations to make 2017 a better year for all and continue to strive to improve on the building momentum of the first semester.  Construction takes time, so let us embark again in the new year with new goals, refreshed energies, and a resolve to come together as a community with greater strength, unity and confidence.

Happy New Year to everyone.  Enjoy the hearty break with your families and loved ones!

Michael & Tiffany