Rooftop Family:

We would like to extend a huge thank you to everyone who joined us for Sunday’s Rooftop Run! We really appreciated seeing the wonderful turnout and for having the opportunity to connect with so many of our Rooftop families. Thank you, also, to the many members of our Rooftop community who had a hand in producing the Rooftop Run. It truly was a team effort and we really appreciate the Rooftop Spirit that went into making the Rooftop Run such a huge success!

We are excited to announce our new corporate partner, Hack Reactor. Circle the Schools helped to match Hack Reactor with Rooftop specifically to support our work with STEAM. We plan to leverage their expertise to help advance student and teacher skills around coding as well as provide volunteer support in other areas of need, like elementary literacy support. Hack Reactor has worked previously with SFUSD on a project to help advance computer science in our schools. You can learn more about our new partner at

Finally, we want to congratulate Tiffany Obayashi, Rebecca Cronin, Cheryl Ball, and Megan McMahon for being accepted into the pioneering first cohort of the SFUSD Vision 2025 Leadership Cadre! The goal of the Vision 2025 Leadership Cadre, a yearlong professional development opportunity sponsored by the Information Technology Department and PK8/MS LEAD Division, is to build a core group of educational technology leaders in participating schools. One of the most powerful ways to integrate new technologies in classrooms is by modeling effective application of new digital tools. This cadre will focus on learning new tools, skills, and practices to lead learning with technology. The goal is for each leadership team to take back their learning and develop school environments as called for in Vision 2025.

With much gratitude,
Jeff & Tiffany


我們很高興地宣布我們新的合作夥伴Hack Reactor。圈出學校幫助協助配合配Hack Reactor與山頂專門用於支持我們STEAM的工作。我們計劃利用他們的的專業知識來幫助推動學生和教師在編碼上的技能及提供義工支持在其他必要的範圍如基本的識字支持。Hack Reactor在過往曾經與三藩市聯合校區合作幫助推動在我們學校的電腦科學。你可以在hackreactor.com了解更多關於我們新的合作夥伴。
最後我們要祝賀Tiffany Obayashi, Rebecca Cronin, Cheryl Ball 和Megan McMahon被接納進入倡導第一批三藩市聯合校區2025年遠景領導核心的隊列! 2025年遠景領導核心的目標是為期一年的職業發展機會由信息技術部和PK8/ MS LEAD部門赞助在參與的學校內建立一班核心的教育技術領導者。其中最有效的方法將新技術引進教室是通過示範有效應用新的數字工具。該核心將著重學習新的工具,技能和實踐來引領隨著技術的學習。我們的目標是每一個領導團隊帶回他們所學習到的和發展學校環境如2025年遠景規劃要求。The goal is for each leadership team to take back their learning and develop school environments as called for in Vision 2025.



Jeff & Tiffany