Greetings Rooftop Family:

Hopefully by now everyone is recovering from the Happy Halloween sugar spike hangover and has confiscated the rest of the candy bounty accumulated over the last week.  We all celebrated a wonderful parade full of colorful characters and creative designs.  Special thanks goes out to Connie and Oscar for helping construct the amazing Dia De Los Muertos altar and presentation during the last Friday Sing-Along.

As we seek more nutritious options on a regular basis, it is important to keep in mind the wellness and nutritional guidelines the district has established.  Giving out food at school is somewhat of a hallowed tradition, yet many children have severe allergies or medical diets that make accepting food at school a dangerous proposition.  In addition, it is important to teach our kids about current nutritional research and wisdom, for many students visibly are not eating enough proteins or vegetables at all and sometimes neglecting to eat anything at all for prolonged periods of time.  Without glucose to fuel the brain, they cannot function properly and may become moody and irritable.  Nutrition aids brain development and is often the key to focus, concentration and emotional regulation.  Please talk with your kids about the importance of nutrition after the annual sugar rush and help educate them in the crucial intake of fuel every four hours or so is paramount for their best functioning, growth and development.  Cheers!

Michael & Tiffany