You are all welcome to attend our 6th,7th , and 8th graders Performance of Learning (POL)  this Wednesday, in the Mayeda multipurpose room from 10:55 to 11:43.  In the last 2 weeks for our music strand in Art we had the School of the Arts World Music program  teaching our middle schoolers the art of Taiko drumming from Japan with the great Sensei Bruce “Mui” Ghent as our teacher.

“The World Music program has a kinesthetic approach to music learning.  Much of the focus in music of other cultures is not the music itself, but the sense of community amongst the musicians.  Students will use their body, mind and spirit in getting to know their peers and in learning the diversity of world music.”

So far our kids delved into the creative practice of understanding music of Taiko  providing insights and investigation into our students own cultural background as well as other cultures. Taiko tried to connect and promote their creative personal engagement using music and drumming.   Students had to stretch and explore, embracing opportunities to learn from this  drumming opportunity.  It’s been great fun!

Hope some of you can make it to see your children perform!