ParentSquare is Rooftop’s safe and secure platform for all school-to-home communication.  In it you’ll find our calendar, directory, posts from teachers and the principals, sign ups for volunteer opportunities, and more.  Here’s what you can do and how to do it:

  • View the school calendar.
  • Check our school directory.
  • Update your record for the school directory. You can add a family picture and hide or show your email, phone and address.
  • Receive all school and classroom communication via email or text – Change your notification preferences. You can choose to receive notifications as email and/ or text, instantly or as a digest.
  • Add pictures to albums shared by your teacher or at school. Pictures are fun to see and share. Pictures uploaded to your class are private and viewable only by parents in your class.
  • Check out groups at schools and join a group. If you chair a committee or a group at school, ask your school for permissions to start your own group on ParentSquare.
  • Download the ParentSquare iPhone or Android app and keep track of all school activities on the go.
  • Give appreciations for posts generously.
  • Sign up to volunteer or bring items to an event or field trip.
  • Sign up for parent/teacher conferences online.

REGISTER for ParentSquare

You will be receiving an invitation email or text to join ParentSquare. Please click the link to activate your account and register. It takes only a minute. This is what you need to do:

  • Create a password (6 letters or more) and enter it twice
  • Click the box to agree to the terms
  • Click Register

You can also self-register here

Thank you!  Any questions contact Shanna Abeloff at