SFUSD has a department called the Office of School and Family Partnership to help build school and family relationships.  This department has created a protocol for helping families navigate their way through the school to make an effective complaint if they have one.  Outside of both the Mayeda and Burnett Offices is located a flowchart and guide to help parents if they have a complaint they would like to resolve.  The guide gives information about how to effectively work with the school to resolve the issue; the flowchart outlines the steps to take.

A brief summary of that flowchart is as follows:  First, bring the concern directly up with your child’s teacher.  If the concern has to do with someone other than your child’s teacher, please bring the concern to the principal.  Once you have brought a concern to a teacher, hopefully a resolution will occur.  If it does not, the concern can then be brought to the principal.  The principal will investigate and determine appropriate courses of action.  If there is no resolution at this point, a family can bring the concern to the Office of Family Voice.  The district, school, and parent work together to reach a solution.  If a solution is still not reached, the concern can then be brought to the Assistant Superintendants.  Please see the complete Flowchart located right outside the offices at both campuses.  Thank you!  If you have any questions, please email Tiffany Kendall | kendallt1@sfusd.edu.