Rooftop Spirit

Rooftop is more than a school; it is a caring community. We celebrate our diversity and work hard to promote inclusiveness. When you volunteer, the school benefits from your help, your child feels proud to have you there, and you make adult friendships. Rooftop students flourish in this community of “extended family.” Parent volunteers model life-long learning as they work alongside teachers to facilitate student learning.

For some children, their introduction to school when entering Kindergarten may be their first real experience of being a part of a larger community. You may find your child discussing “Rooftop Spirit” throughout the school year. This concept of school “spirit” is very important to our students, and the qualities that define this mindset help to make Rooftop a very special community. Sharing, caring, kindness, helping your fellow students, respect of individual differences, and responsibility for one’s own behavior and actions — these are qualities that each Rooftop student strives to uphold.

Rooftop History

The Rooftop History is rich and strong in it’s traditions.  This site includes a timeline, pictures and descriptions of Rooftop’s art and education.