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Rooftop is a PK-8 public, alternative elementary school located in the center of San Francisco on two sites on the eastern slope of Twin Peaks. Our student population reflects the City’s diverse ethnic background. Rooftop’s academic program, which emphasizes student self-worth and self-learning, is well defined and innovatively presented by dedicated teachers. Programs in art, music, and drama are considered an integral part of the Rooftop experience. Student service to the school community is supported through various after school clubs and organizations. Rooftop has a special spirit and sense of community shared by children, staff, and parents. Students are encouraged to take positive risks and face challenges with confidence and optimism. Rooftop nurtures a strong home school partnership which values parents as the students’ first and most important teacher. Parent participation is expected.

Rooftop is more than a school; it is a caring community. We celebrate our diversity and work hard to promote inclusiveness. When you volunteer, the school benefits from your help, your child feels proud to have you there, and you make adult friendships. Rooftop students flourish in this community of “extended family.” Parent volunteers model life-long learning as they work alongside teachers to facilitate student learning. Research shows that students whose parents are regularly involved in the school setting have significantly higher achievement patterns than same grade age peers. Working parents, fear not. We are experts in matching school needs to parent availability. Our mentor family program-pairing new families with seasoned community members further assures successful participation by all.