This year, Rooftop’s Mayeda Campus is celebrating a significant milestone. Twenty years ago on April 29, 1997, the Rooftop community gathered to dedicate a brand new school, named after then principal Nancy Yoshihara Mayeda. A fun additional fact: the San Francisco Board of Education established Rooftop Alternative School on May 4,1972.
We invite you to join a community celebration on the rooftop of the Mayeda Campus, in conjunction with Open House at Mayeda on Thursday, May 4th. We will open the Mayeda rooftop at 6:30pm. Our special program will take place from 7:00pm-7:30pm after the Mayeda Campus Open House (6-7pm) is over. There will be fun and surprises.

Rooftop alumni students and community members – past and present – we welcome you to share your #MayedaMemories via social media by using the hashtag on FB, Twitter & Instagram.
Happy 20th Birthday, Mayeda Campus! #artisatthecenter