Mei Jia Chinese Learning Center will be offering summer program for learning and improving a second language. The center will offer a variety of amazing activities including dance, games, crafts, Chinese calligraphy, painting, paper cutting, cooking, Kung Fu martial arts and much, much more!

The teachers create various activities and projects for campers each year. At the end of each two week session, families will be invited to join for an exciting performance and party that students help put together to showcase newly acquired language skills. Students will be grouped into three classes- beginning, intermediate, or advanced- according to language proficiency. Here is the detail information:

  • Session One: Let’s Be Veterinarians (May 30-June 9)
  • Session Two: Let’s Go Camping (June 12-23)
  • Session Three: The Sea World (July 10-21)
  • ​Session Four: Iron Chef Jr. China (July 24-August 4)
  • Session Five: Lights, Camera, Action! (August 7-18)