At the Mayeda campus students are very busy with drives to help community building and helping others!

Service Learning Club

  • The Service Learning club has been doing a class competition on going coin drive to send money to the Philippines devastation. Presently 8th grade is winning!
  • Service Learning is also planning a series of drives, to finally gain up to $1000 to send to those displaced. It has a raffle for a big fluffy teddy bear for this cause right now.
  • Service Learning is also selling Valentines-grams to raise money to build and set up a “Little Free Library” in a community, to give out donated free books to anyone interested. Librarian Rittinell Banks gave us the information and idea!
  • Also Service Learning has already sent several soccer equipment and shoes to Angels of East Africa Children’s Village in South Sudan for their orphanage’s soccer team. We are hoping to also help Jjangde Basket sale that helps employ women in West Africa who make beautiful baskets and in turn funds schools and summer programs for Sengalese children, brought to our attention from librarian Tamra Marshall.

Student Council

  • The Student Council is organizing a flag design contest to build Rooftop spirit by finally get a Rooftop Special Flag on our empty flag pole. The winning design will be announced soon.
  • Student council is planning a movie day series at lunch to raise some funds for the Phillipines disaster. They are also trying to work with the Burnett student council to try to plan some joint actions together to unify our 2 campuses. We have already had one spirit week.

Dance Committee

  • Dance Committee has put on 2 dances so far. The first one which included 5th-6th-7th and 8th was a great success. Our last dance, although very small, was spirited and kids had fun with great music by DJ Jesse Orosorio!
  • The 15th Annual Unity Dance is coming on Friday February 28, 2014 from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm at The Hall of Flowers. Besides Rooftop, schools that will be there are: Alice Fong Yu, Lawton, San Francisco Community, Creative Arts Charter, Paul Revere, Bessie Carmichael, Buena Vista Horace Mann and Claire Lilienthal. Field trip forms and Rules are all in front of the art room for those interested.

Drill Team performed in our past assemblies, building spirit with great dance and cheers. Now they are revving up to perform at our International Festival.

Last week you heard from our great Social Justice club. All these clubs build our community and Rooftop spirit with the active participation of our great students!