Sports Strength & Conditioning at MAYEDA (grades 5-8)  Starts 9-11-13

If you are already playing a sport or have never played a sport at all but care about your health & fitness then this is the class for you!  Get the competitive edge high school and college athletes have by adding a fun offseason strength & conditioning to your program without the hard core approach, not to mention improving risk of injury.  If you don’t play a sport you will be introduced to lifelong principals that will help you discover activities you ENJOY and will want to do in the future.   WEDNESDAYS at 1:50pm Contact Lori at or call 415.334.7697

Get Smart with Art ! (grades 1-4 Burnett) (grades 5-7 MAYEDA)

Get Smart with Art! is an exciting and fun way to learn the foundations of art & history. This class is about learning different cultures, geography, visualization skills and communication skills.  We will explore everything from cave painting through the modern cubists, while our pencils, brushes, stones, stamps will be busy constructing fantastic projects based on different art periods, different cultures while explaining the history and time. Contact Sebastian at, or call 415-203-9857.