Please find below communication our school principal received  regarding lunch shortages from Student Nutrition Services Director Ed Wilkin and Assistant Director Zetta Reicker:

As you may know, this January, the school meals program changed to a new meal vendor, Revolution Foods, and our meals are now freshly prepared instead of frozen.

There has been an 11% increase in the number of students eating school lunch – this is tremendously positive news!  Anticipating a higher demand, we increased the number of lunches sent to schools.  However, there have been cases where the increased number of meals was not enough to meet the much higher demand for school lunch, and as a result some schools have experienced a shortage.  We apologize for the negative impact this has on students, school staff, and parents, and we are doing everything to resolve the situation.

Because lunches are freshly prepared, orders must be placed at least two weeks ahead of time, and this compromises our opportunity to adjust numbers immediately in response to the fluctuating demand for school lunch at our schools.  To address the dynamic nature of the situation during this period of change, we are creating a backup system with emergency entrees that contain sunbutter (a protein), raisins (100% natural, no preservatives), crackers, and sunflower seeds on hand in case of a lunch shortage. These items, combined with a fresh veggie and milk, make up a complete nutritional meal.   SNS will serve these meals in cases where the lunch orders are lower than the number of students who want to receive lunch on any given day.

We are confident lunch orders will stabilize as we continue our transition to a new meals provider. If this is not the case, please contact your Student Nutrition Services Area Supervisor immediately – contacts listed below.

If any of your families would like additional information about the school meals program, please have them contact or 749-3604 and we will be happy to address their questions.

We’re thrilled more students are eating healthy, freshly prepared meals. We truly appreciate your patience and understanding as we work through this transition.