A great way to support our Burnett and Mayeda Libraries and to celebrate your child’s birthday is to donate a new book to the school library. Please donate a new hardcover book of your choice. We have a wish list found at Amazon under Rooftop Library if you need an idea: http://amzn.com/w/1OYTF8AS71IRQ.

This list is also linked to our Rooftop Library homepage at http://follett.sfusd.edu. Donating a special birthday book is a great way to honor your child and the book will be enjoyed by Rooftop students for years to come. The student receives a public “thank you” at morning circle, a special certificate and a book plate placed in the front of the donated book with their name and year. Please contact the librarians for further details.

Burnett – Tamra Marshallmarshallt@sfusd.edu
Mayeda – Rittinell Banks  gracewater@aol.com