Everyone is welcomed to attend as we will be discussing issues around education particularly the achievement gap, among Latino and African American students at Rooftop, also we discuss cultural events. Our Culture event is coming up on Cinco de Mayo a sing along, with some art and small performance. May 12 will be a bigger event where Lowriders, art, face painting, performances and food all centered around the beauty of Latin culture.
Our meetings take place at 4760 Mission St SF, at the Muslim Community Center.
The time of our meetings start from 5:30-7pm. We start promptly at 6pm.
We have food and refreshments for all, kids are welcomed to attend as well.

The next meetings are April 19 and May 17. So put them on your calendar folks and please if you have never attended before now is your chance to do so.
Hope to see many families and staff  from Rooftop.