The biggest Rooftop party of the year is planned for March 9, 2013. One of the first teams to get organized is the solicitations team. These are the people who contact donors to remind them that we’d love to have their continued support.

Being a part of this team has many perks! You can make calls or send emails from anywhere, so you can do at home or work. You are done when it’s auction time, so you can party on and feel great about your contribution. You can be creative and contact potential donors that would make a great addition to our catalog. You will work with a great solicitation team that gets together for a fun post-auction evaluation (last year they had a beauty make-over, how’s that for a perk?). And you have the eternal gratitude of the team leaders Saskia Charbonneau & Shanna Abeloff.

So really, you must ask yourself, what am I waiting for? To join the team or for more info please contact Saskia  |  |  415.373.4321