Our biggest event of the year, the Rooftop Children’s Art Show & Auction is planned for March 3, 2012. As always our Savvy Solicitation Team will be instrumental in its success. Last year the team rocked with a record number of great items and better yet, we had fun while getting these. This year, too, all solicitors will be invited to a training/brunch to kick off the auction season and a post auction evaluation/drink to unwind. There will be incentives (gift cards, tickets, etc) for those solicitors who go the extra mile. Remember, as a solicitor you do not have to make cold calls; instead, your team leader will supply you with a list of donors, all of whom have already been contacted by letter or email, and you be following up on that letter. We will teach you the auction software to update the donor information.

Our brunch/training is planned for Sunday, January 8 from 10:30am-12:30pm. If you are interested, please contact Saskia Charbonneau at solicit@rooftopk8.org. You can also leave a note in the PTA mailslot at either campus. Thank you!