The 16th annual International Festival is on May 8th!  Children have been preparing their acts and our theme this year is Imagine! Wonder! Change!  The International Festival is
a great yearly spring time event for the whole school that builds community, pride and demonstrates the wonderful spirit of our  talented children and encouraging parents!
The support of the families making home cooked meals from their cultures, and coming to help out always makes the day brimming with joy!  All are welcome to enjoy their
talented Rooftop students of all ages perform!

We are calling all parents to share their favorite food from their own heritage.  Join in the spirit of our International Festival, and cook up your favorite dish for our students.
We also need PARENT VOLUNTEERS for the day of IF, to man the food booths, and to help with students on set up and take down and to help in the kitchen.  There
will be a morning shift and after lunch shift.

There will be a meeting this Thursday at 6pm for those that can help on organizing parent help and food.  If you can make this meeting, please contact
Cyndy Sugawara,  Mayeda art teacher  522-6757,

Please see attachment on this weeks Wed. bulletin.  Thank you

IF leaflet 2015 for food#1 copy

IF 2015 (16th) art poster