The 17th annual Rooftop International and Multicultural Festival will take place this Friday, May 6 at the Mayeda Campus from 9:30 to 12:00. This celebration provides an opportunity for our entire school (PreK-8th grade) to come together and share, recognize, experience and celebrate the diverse cultures, talents, and traditions of our school and our city.

We have a number of student acts lined up from across grade levels, and a couple acts from special guests, but in order to make this festival truly a success, we also need some support from parents and families. Please go to the following website to sign up to help out or to contribute an appetizer, main course, or dessert. At this point in time, we especially need some help with food prep, setup and cleanup!

Sign Up at:

The International and Multicultural Festival is a special tradition at our school. Thanks in advance to those who can contribute and even if you can’t contribute, please do still consider stopping by to enjoy the performances and to join us in celebrating the rich culture and diversity of this school!

Contact Aaron Weis at if you have any questions.