Did you know that California’s state marine reptile is the critically endangered Western Pacific leatherback sea turtle? Pacific Leatherback Conservation Day is celebrated on October 15th. Your student can help sea turtles by turning trash to cash with our Terracycle.org recycling drive to benefit SEETurtles.org’s “Billion Baby Turtles” project.

Contribute by sending the following items to school for recycling at The Studio @ Burnett:

  • Discardable toothbrushes
  • toothpaste tubes
  • dental floss containers
  • hair care/skin care/cosmetics packaging
  • Britta products & packaging
  • Solo cups (#6 rigid plastic)
  • Capri Sun juice bags
  • Scotch tape dispensers and center rings

Every dollar raised saves one sea turtle hatchling! Questions? Contact Andi Wong @The Studio | andreafong@sbcglobal.net