Dear Rooftop Community ~

A reminder that the week of Oct 17th – 21st will be Rooftop Parent Conference Week. All students in grades K-8 will be dismissed one hour early at 12:50pm. If your child is in “parent pick-up”, it is crucial that they are picked up on time. All teachers will be engaged in parent conferences directly after dismissal so there will be no one to supervise your child. You should have received notice regarding your conference this week. If you did not receive notification, please contact your child’s teacher. It is an expectation that all K-5 parents have a conference with their child’s teacher during this time. Parents of 6-8th grade students: If your child is underperforming, teachers will be contacting you to set up a conference. Some parents have already been contacted for Team Conferences. If you would like to request a conference, please contact your student’s teacher directly. Parent conferences build a powerful bridge between home and school to ensure the achievement of all students. I encourage you to please be on time for your scheduled appointment. During this week, our day is packed so tightly, that a last minute request for a date or time change is not possible. I am looking forward to seeing and meeting with many of you during the coming week.

In addition, October 14th was the last day of the First Quarter.  You will be receiving report cards during conferences and middle school report cards will be mailed on October 21st. We believe that no student should be receiving non passing grades.  There are supports here at school to support all students in helping them receive passing grades. First, the planner that all middle school students have is a great way to determine student’s homework for the evening.  Teachers check the planners on a regular basis.  As a parent when you check your child’s planner there should be no blanks in the planner.  If a student has no homework in a class they are instructed to write “No Homework”.  If you continue to check the planner and there are blanks, please check with your child’s teachers to set up a system where the teacher initials the planner each day.  In addition, many teachers write in School Loop what is the daily homework and some teachers have the handouts attached to School Loop.  If the planner does not seem to be working, please contact Ms. Hayes for additional support. Second, the middle school teachers are available Tuesday through Thursday to assist students after school from 2:00 to 3:00.  This supports students who need assistance in getting their homework done. Teachers encourage the students to use this extra support to be successful in school.  Please contact the specific teacher to learn which days they have tutoring.  With these supports there should be no reason for a student to have a grade below proficient.  Ms. Hayes and Ms. Clark will be connecting with students who have not passed 1 or more classes to review these two support systems and then contacting the families.  If you are still seeing your child struggle in completing school work, please call Ms. Hayes to set up a parent Teacher conference.  It is when we are all working together that children succeed.