Hello Rooftop Families!

There are many things that make our Rooftop Community great: the passion and dedication of our teachers and staff, the diversity in our classrooms, the kindness and hard work of our students, the support families give to our students, both inside and outside of school. These and hundreds of other reasons make me proud to be the principal of Rooftop, and I know that there are many kids and families who have had great experiences here.

I also know that there are ways that we as a school community can do better. The fact is, like many schools, we have been less successful in serving some groups of students and families than others. But I believe that every single one of our students has the potential to achieve great things, and that ALL of the students and families at Rooftop are important to our school and deserve to have their voices heard. It can be uncomfortable for all of us when we start looking at the differences and divisions within our community, but we can’t change it if we don’t talk about it.

To get the conversation started, I would like to make myself available to meet with the smaller communities that make up Rooftop.  My hope is that these meetings will be a space for you to share your thoughts, concerns, and ideas with me and with each other, so that each community within Rooftop can have a seat at the table.

Each of our students and families brings a wealth of experiences and identities to our school, and each of our students is so much more than a test score or an entry in our computer system. But unfortunately, we have to start with the data we have in order to move beyond it and paint a more vivid picture of our school community. To start with, I have scheduled meetings with the families of four groups of students whose test scores show, on average, that we need to do better. These meetings are:

  • October 12,  at 6:00PM for families of our African American and Black students
  • October 19,  at 6:00PM for families of our Hispanic and Latino students and students who are native Spanish-speaking English Language Learners
  • October 20, at 6:00PM for families of our students who are native Chinese-speaking English Language Learners
  • October 26,  at 6:00PM for families of students who receive free or reduced lunch

All meetings will be held in the Burnett Multi-Purpose Room.
Food and childcare will be provided.

I want to emphasize that I don’t want to exclude anyone! I have started with these four meetings based on our achievement gap, but I would like to meet with each of the many groups within the Rooftop community! Please call me at 415-522-6757 (Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday) or 415-695-5691 (Thursday or Friday) or email me at marshalld@sfusd.edu if you have questions, feedback, or ideas about other community meetings we could have.

With deep appreciation for Rooftop’s amazing families,

Diana Marshall