Dear Rooftop Families ~

The end of the year is approaching so quickly.  I would like to take some time to thank some people for all the work they did this school year.

On behalf of the Rooftop Staff, I want to say thank you to all the parents who baked, cooked, donated, set up, cleaned up,  and/or served the fabulous lunch on last Friday’s Staff Appreciation Day.  Your generosity and hard work touched us all.

I would like to thank our Wednesday Bulletin translators: Veronica Lobos and Becky Ching for their hard work each weekend to translate the “Weekly Principal’s Message.” My heartfelt thanks to Mayeda Secretary, Rosalinda Garciacano, for producing the Wednesday Bulletin each week and to Ali Shamsi, who spends hours formatting it into our electronic version that goes out to many families. Finally, thank you, to Bernadette Yamada-Gabrielli, Ettie Rogers, Victor Yan,  Amy Balsbaugh, and scores of others who gather weekly to copy and distribute the Wednesday Bulletin and all its many attachments!! You are much appreciated.

On behalf of the Rooftop Community, thank you to PTA Co-Presidents Saskia Charbonneau and Renee Minnis, and the PTA Board for their hard work and dedication this past year.  In addition, I would like to express my deepest appreciation to the members of the School Site Council for their amazing generosity and leadership.  To all the members of the Rooftop Community: It is our extraordinary home-school partnership which ensures the success and well being of each and every student in our wonderful school.

Finally, I give my deepest thanks to the extraordinary Rooftop Staff.  You are gifted and generous individuals.  It is a privilege to work along side you.  I am looking forward to our continued collaboration in the coming school year.

Attached is a copy of Rooftop’s Expectations for Student Behavior.  At the PTA meeting last Wednesday, I had promised that I would send a copy of this out with this week’s Wednesday Bulletin.

Tiffany Kendall Obayashi
Assistant Principal

Attachment: Rooftop’s Expectations for Student Behavior (PDF)