Dear Rooftop Community,

I hope everyone had a wonderful, relaxing vacation. Now the hard work begins…

First, it is a Site Council goal to move the information gathered at the Affinity meetings into an Action Plan.  I would like anyone interested in designing the action planning meeting to join the School Site Council Meeting scheduled for January 11, 2012 at 4:00 in the Burnett Library.  In addition, please mark your calendar for Wednesday, January 25, 2012 at 6:00 in the Burnett MPR for the Action Planning Meeting.  It is the goal of the meeting to take the brainstorms of the Affinity Meetings and design 3-4 action goals for the remainder of the year.  From the saying it takes a village to raise a child, this is a place to start.  Please join us.

Second, in continuing our search to improve communication to all the Rooftop community, it is our goal to find ways to translate all communications into spanish and chinese.  Yet, we do not want to over-burden the few volunteers we currently depend on for this service.  If you know of individuals that can spare 15-30 minutes a week to assist in translating in spanish or chinese, please email

Finally, through the assistance of the district and school funds we have access to a Stanford based program called Education Program for the Gifted Youth (EPGY).  This is an online educational program that is dedicated to Language Arts and Math for grades K-8.  It can be used for students who are looking for a program to extend their learning above grade level and for students who need support in learning grade level standards.  It is designed to work with individual students outside the school day for 20 minutes a day.  We will be providing an informational meeting on Tuesday, January 12, 2012 at 6:00 in the Burnett MPR.  Please join us if you are interested in learning more about this program and RSVP to

Happy New Year to All!


我希望大家有一個美好及輕鬆的假期。現在要開始辛勤的工作… …

首先,網站會的目標是將在親會議所收集到的信息轉為行動計劃。我想邀請任何有興趣參與設計行動規劃會議的人仕參加一月十一日(星期三)下午四時在Burnett圖書館舉行的學校網站理事會會議。此外請參加在一月二十五日(星期三)下午六時在Burnett 多用途室舉行的行動規劃會議。這次會議的目標是採取從親會議所收集到的信息而設計在今年3-4個行動目標。古語有芸養大一個孩子需要一個村莊,這是一個開始的地方。請加入我們的行列。

第二我們繼續搜尋方法來改善對所有山頂社區的溝通。我們的目標是希望將所有通信翻譯成西班牙文和中文。  然而我們不希望過重負擔我們目前依賴此服務的幾個志願者。如果你知道任何人可以每個星期騰出 15-30分鐘協助翻譯西班牙文和中文請發送電子郵件到

最後通過校區和學校的資金援助,我們有機會使用以斯坦福大學為基礎的計劃稱為資優青年教育計劃(EPGY)。這是一個網上的教育方案,專門為幼稚園至八年級的語言藝術和數學而設。這教育方案是適合任何學生在尋找一個程序來幫助他們超越現在的學習水平或任何學生需要幫助來學習同年級水平標準。這個程序是為個別學生在課外每天使用20分鐘而設計。我們將在一月十二日(星期二) 下午六時在Burnett 多用途室提供一個資信會議。如果你感興趣學習更多有關此計劃請加入我們及請發送電子郵件到 報名參加。


Diana Marshall