Greetings Rooftop Community ~

Last Friday Rooftop held its annual “All School Morning Circle”.  K-8 Students stood toe to toe as Rooftop’s School staff was introduced and loudly applauded.  Kindergartners looked at the big eighth grade students in awe and the eighth graders looked at the kindergarteners never remembering that they were ever that small.  The circle ended with students linking arms and singing a loud and tuneful rendition of our school song.  It was clear to each of us as we walked away… What a great community to be a part of and the 2011-2012 school year is off to a great start!!  We have some great events in the next couple of weeks that I would like to remind everyone.  The first is the “All school picnic” scheduled for this weekend on Sunday at Christopher Playground in Diamond Heights. There is a flyer attached in this bulletin.

The next two events are the Back to School Nights. Mayeda Back to School Night is Thursday August, 25, 2011 from 6:10- 8:00 and Burnett’s Back to School Night is September 1st from 6:20- 7:30.  The Burnett Back to School Night will start in the Multi purpose room and the Mayeda Back to School Night will start in the Gym.  Back to School Night is a parent event.  As you know, your presence at these events delivers a clear message to your children that their education and achievement is a priority.  Spending an evening visiting your child’s classroom, meeting the teacher, becoming informed about the curriculum and expectations for the coming year is a critical first step.  Back to School Night provides an opportunity for you to get a taste of your child’s school day.  Please take time to sign up for one of the many volunteer opportunities in your child’s classroom.  We need you!

Sincerely, Diana Marshall