Greetings, Rooftop!

Week Six it is!  Our students, faculty and staff are rocking and rolling!  They are getting all the learning done while having fun.  Here are my updates:

We are fortunate to send a team to participate in an ongoing district professional development on Behavior Response to Intervention (RTI).  The goals of Behavior RTI are in direct alignment with our focus to provide our students a safe, respectful, and joyful environment. The first round of training provided us tools to move our school-wide practices to ensure that students have positive and successful experiences in and out of the classroom.  All these efforts are aimed at improving overall students’ behavior and academic performance.

The Play Green Group will be meeting on Sunday, September 30th, between 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. to work on our yard.  At this weekend party, we plant, pull weeds and generally make the yard look nicer!  We are going to try to do both campuses.  We are starting at the Burnett campus at 10:00 a.m. to help out.  Come and join the fun!  We need LOTS of people!

The fifth graders of Mrs. Sue Mocklin came back from their Outdoor Ed field trip to Valley of the Moon last Friday with lots of fun stories of adventure and learning to share with everyone.  Mrs. Mocklin thanks all parents who came, supported and chaperoned the kids in the field trip.

We are having our first School Site Council meeting at 3:30 p.m. on Monday, October 1st, at the Burnett Library.  Agenda includes our final budget for this school year and SSC elections.  Everyone is welcome to attend.

Are you a member of our PTA already?  I strongly encourage you to be an active member of this organization.  As you may already know, we are able to offer programs (many of our parents love about our school) through the hard work of our PTA.  Come to the next General Meeting at 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday, October 3rd.  Meet the officers and know more about the great work that the organization does for our school.

The Rooftop Run is fast approaching.  Yes, it is happening in less than a month.  Renee Suttner-Vale, our Rooftop Run Chair, will be sending out Rooftop Run forms this week.  The PTA joins me in asking for your full support. Please do your best to obtain sponsors to reach our goal of $300 per family.

We are seeing more and more parent volunteers helping us in yard supervision.  The more we have adult supervisors at the yard, the better.  Remember, you are always welcome to join the team.  Just let us know.

Have a safe, positive, and joyful week!


Saludos Rooftop,


Jeffrey Burgos!



這己是開學的第六周! 我們的學生、教師和工作人員正在努力工作! 他們從有樂趣的過程中學習。 這是最新情況:


綠色團體將於9月30日星期日10:00:00至4:00在庭院工作。在本周末派對我們將種植 、拉雜草和令庭院更好看! 我們試圖完成兩個校園。 我們在早上10:00先在Burnett校園開始。 快來參加這有樂趣的活動! 我們需要很多人!

Sue Mocklin教師的第五年級從上星期五的Valley of the Moon戶外教育實地考察回來了。他們有很多好玩的探險故事和學習與大家一起分享。Mocklin教師感謝所有父母參與及支持這次實地考察。

我們將在10月1日星期一下午3:30在 Burnett圖書館舉行第一次學校網理事會會議。 議程包括我們本學年的最後財政預算和SSC選舉。 歡迎大家出席。

你們是否家長教師協會的成員? 我強烈鼓勵你成為這個組織的一位積極成員。你已經知道正因為我們家長教師協會的努力工作以至我們能夠提供很多方案(這是很很多父母喜愛我們學校的原因) 。請來參加在10月3日(星期三)下午6:30的會議。與該組織的人員會面和更多了解該組織為我們學校所作偉大的工作。

山頂跑步很快就臨到。是的,不到一個月。山頂跑步的主席Renee Suttner-Vale在本週將派出山頂跑步表格。家長教師協會與我一共要求你們的全力支持。請儘你所能來尋找贊助者來達到每個家庭籌款300元的目標。

我們需要更多家長在校園擔任監督工作。在校園有更多成年人作監督工作就會更好。 請記住我們隨時歡迎你加入這小組。請讓我們知道。


Jeffrey Burgos