Greetings, Rooftop!

Our First PTA General Membership meeting is at 6:30 p.m. tonight.  Childcare and dinner will be provided.  Hope you can make it.

SFUSD invites you to come to the 2013 Family Engagement Institute from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. on Saturday, September 28th at Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Middle School (350 Girard Street).  You can register online at

This Friday, September 27th, marks the end of the first marking period for our middle school students.  It will be good to remind your child to submit projects, assignments to their teachers before then.  You should receive your child’s report card no later than two weeks from then.

You are invited to come and have fun as we do art together on our Family Art Night on Wednesday, October 2nd at the Mayeda Multi-Purpose Room.  Whether your child attends Burnett or Mayeda, you are welcome to this exciting artful event.  Shall I see you then?

We have been closely monitoring tardiness at the beginning of the day as well as between periods at our Mayeda campus.  Please make every effort to get your child / children to school on time everyday.  It is also important to speak with them about getting to their classes on time every period.  Note that we are handing out tardy detentions to those who have repeated (three and every three thereafter) tardiness.

BRTI (Behavior Response to Intervention) Update: We continue to work on creating a safe, positive and joyful environment at our school.  A proactive classroom management strategy that we strive to consistently implement is to maintain a 5:1 ratio of positive to corrective statements.  I encourage you to work on that at home as well.  Providing our children positive reinforcements certainly helps in boosting their self-esteem, hence, creating a better self-image of themselves.

If your child takes the school bus, please have a conversation with him / her about consistently following our rules and expectations.  All these were reviewed in a bus riders’ assembly and our most recent Friday Sing-Along.  Citations issued by bus drivers and teachers will result in suspension of bus privileges.

We are currently seeking parents/guardians interested in becoming members of  the English Learner Advisory Committee (ELAC).  The English Language Advisory Committee (ELAC) advises the Principal and the School Site Council on how to address the issues of English Language Learners.  If you are interested, please email or contact Assistant Principal Tiffany Obayashi.

The Rooftop Run is coming up really soon.  Event Chair Renee Suttner-Vale will be sending out information and materials next week.  I ask for your full support to make this annual fundraiser a huge success.

The Common Learning Assessment administration window is from September 30th to October 11th.  Let us encourage all children to give it their best shot.  The CLA provides us valuable information as we plan even more focused and purpiseful instruction for our students.

With you in building, strengthening, and sustaining a strong community of successful learners,

Jeffrey Burgos


Saludos Rooftop!

<Translation forthcoming>

Jeffrey Burgos



三藩市聯合校區邀請你來參加於二零一三年九月二十八日星期六上午九時至下午二時在馬丁路德金博士中學所舉行的家庭參與研究所(350 Girard銜)。你可以在 familyengagementinstitute的綱上註冊。
我們初中學生的第一次成績標記期在本週五九月二十七日結束。 這 正時時間提醒你的子女在本週五前交回所有功課給其教師。你應該在兩個星期內收到你子女的成績報告表。
邀請你在十月二 日(星期三)參加在 Mayeda 多用途室舉行的家庭藝術夜與我們一起做藝術及有開心的時間。無論你的孩子就讀Burnett或Mayeda校園,歡迎你來到這個令人興奮的藝術活動。到時見到你嗎?
對干預的行為反應( BRTI)的最新消息:  : 我們繼續在學校建立一個安全、積極的和快樂的環境。我們努力始終如一地貫徹執行積極主動的課堂管理原則是保持積極糾正發言的比例為5 比1。我鼓勵你們在家裡嘗試。為我們的兒童提供積極的建議確實有助於提高他們的自尊因此而創建更好的自我形象。
我們正在尋求有興趣的家長/監護人成為英語學習者諮詢委員會 (ELAC)的成員。英語語言諮詢委員會 (ELAC)為校長和學校網站理事會提供意見如何處理英語語言學習者的問題。如果你有興趣,請發送電子郵件或聯絡副校長 Tiffany Obayashi 。
山頂跑步籌款很快來臨。主席 Renee Suttner-Vale將在下周送出有關的資訊和材料。我要求你們全力的支持以使本年度的籌款會有巨大的成功。

Jeffrey Burgos