Rooftop Family!

I continue to be impressed and moved by the passion and dedication of all members of our Rooftop community with each passing day. I’m happy to say that over the past few weeks, I’ve had the opportunity to engage with both teachers and parents around issues related to equity. A willingness to engage in these kinds of conversations is a good start. This week, I attended a professional development session with several members of our Rooftop team focused on providing support for our students. A portion of the training focused on “Changing the Discourse in Schools.” Specifically, we talked about two kinds of discourse:

Discourse I: The language typically used to talk about, question and plan the work of schools, change or reform. Discourse I dialogue support hand maintains the status quo without appearing unresponsive to outside demands for improvement.

Discourse II: The language that tends to be about uncomfortable, unequal, ineffective, prejudicial conditions and relationships in schools. Discourse II opens up space for ambiguity and change to be part of a purposeful structure.

I’m looking forward to moving our discussions into “Discourse II.” To do that, we need your voice to be included in that discussion. So, as we have more professional development on this important topic, I’ll be reaching out to our parent community leaders to invite them to participate in this discussion. Also, I’ll be looking for other opportunities for all of us to engage in equity-based conversations on a regular basis throughout the school year.

Thank you for being a part of the conversation!

Jeff & Tiffany


Familia Rooftop!

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Jeff y Tiffany



第一種言語: 通常是用來談論、提出問題和計劃學校、改變或改革工作的語言。第一種言語對話支持維持現狀而沒有顯示對外界改變的要求沒有作出反應。
謝謝你成為對話的一分子 !

Jeff & Tiffany