Rooftop Family:

Thank you for your participation in the Enrollment Fair, Spark Truck, and the Rooftop Run! We are forever grateful for your continued support of our Rooftop community!

A special “Thank you!” to all the volunteers and children who ran their hearts out on Sunday to raise money for Rooftop! It was a wonderful community event. A special recognition goes out to Renee Suttner-Vale who has coordinated the event for the past seven years. Thank you Renee!

We are looking for a new coordinator or a few people to help co-coordinate the event next year. If you are interested, email

I am happy to report that our new partner has committed $1,600 to supporting greening efforts at the Mayeda campus! With that financial support, combined with the gardening expertise of our friends (and Rooftop neighbors!) at Flora Grubb Gardens, we’ll be planting 18 palm trees in the concrete planters on the Mayeda yard and doing other green enhancements! Additionally, we’ll be hosting a “Greening Day” with employees on Saturday, November 15 from 11:00-2:00. We’ll be meeting at the Mayeda campus. On that day, we will be planting the palms, watering garden beds, and sweeping and picking up around both campuses. Please mark your calendars and join us on this day to help out with greening and to meet our new friends!

I hosted our first Equity/Diversity planning meeting on Thursday evening over at the Red Poppy Art House. The goal of the meeting was to surface concerns of our community around issues of race, culture, equity, and diversity. This initial meeting had representatives from the teachers, paraprofessionals, parents, PTA, and administration. The group plans to meet again before Thanksgiving to flesh out some specific action steps to help make Rooftop an inclusive school for all of our families. We’ll be making those action steps public and also start hosting Equity/Diversity meetings on a larger scale.

Jeff and Tiffany