Rooftop Family:

Congratulations to our 5th grade students for representing Rooftop and winning the Sandcastle Contest at Ocean Beach this past weekend! Thank you to our families, staff, and friends who assisted in this effort! You can read about the event and see the winning Rooftop sculpture here:

Don’t forget about Family Art Night tonight! It’s going to be a fantastic evening of art-making and community-building, with a project inspired by the cultural traditions of Dia de los Muertos. It will be hosted in the Mayeda Gym at 6 pm on Wednesday, October 22nd. A light supper will be served.

We’re continuing our work to educate the Rooftop community about cyberbullying. Thank you to those who were in attendance at last week’s presentation! We’re inviting Rooftop families to continue the conversation at a parent technology workshop: Understanding Your Student’s Use of Digital Media, Thursday, November 13 9:30-11 a.m., Denman Middle School, 241 Oneida Avenue.

I’ve invited a representative group of parents and staff members to join me for a planning session focused on equity and diversity at Rooftop. The group will be meeting this week to develop some preliminary action steps. We’ll be publicizing those action steps shortly, so stay tuned!

We hope to see you at the Rooftop Run this weekend!

Thank you!
Jeff & Tiffany



恭喜五年級學生代表山頂贏得上週末在海洋海灘沙堡競賽冠軍!謝謝我們的家庭、 工作人員和朋友的協助!你可以在HTTP:// Family閱讀有關該事件及看看獲獎的山頂雕塑。

請不要忘記今晚的家庭藝術之夜 !這將是美妙的夜晚來製作藝術及建設社區。此計劃由Dia de los Muertos的文化傳統激勵。將於十月二十二日星期三下午六時在 Mayeda 體育館舉行。將提供簡便晚餐。

我們將繼續我們的工作來教育山頂社區有關網路欺淩。謝謝在上周出席網路欺淩主講的人 !我們將邀請山頂家庭在父技術講習班繼續這方面的談話:瞭解你的學生使用數位媒體,十一月十四日星期四上午九時至十一時在登曼初中學(241號Oneida Avenue) 舉行。

我已邀請家長和工作人員代表小組參加計劃會議著重於在山頂公平和多元化。該小組將在本周舉行會議來擬定一些初步行動步驟。我們在不久會致力宣傳這些行動步驟,敬請期待 !



Jeff & Tiffany