Rooftop Family:

Congratulations to our San Francisco Giants! And, a special “Thank you!” to Joyce Woo for coordinating our Halloween festivities!

Our STEAM Team met last week to begin our visioning process for Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Mathematics at Rooftop. We discussed our successful visit from the Spark Truck for our 3rd and 4th graders. Mr. Weis shared information about his training from the folks at and our plans to introduce coding to our 6th graders this spring.

Our next STEAM Team meeting will be Monday, November November 24 at 4:30 p.m. at the office of our new partner, is located at 140 2nd Street, 4th Floor, San Francisco, CA 94105. We’ve invited some representatives from Stanford’s Design School to join us to talk about potential partnering opportunities with Rooftop. Expanding our network of outside partners continues to be a priority for us, and we’re excited to have host us for this meeting and for the opportunity to reach out to Stanford! If you are interested in being a part of the STEAM Team, please stop by!

We’re continuing to advocate for additional social, emotional, and supports for our students. As a result of that advocacy, for one month, we will have a district-provided “504 Paraprofessional.” This person will assist us in the development of 504 support plans, planning and supporting the implementation of behavioral interventions, and will assist in coordinating additional services for students.

Additionally, the Head Counselor from the district Office of Pupil Services will be working with us to determine which of our students are in need of outside therapy, and we will work with our parents directly to connect them to the most appropriate support services for the kids and their families.

Also, the district has approved another paraprofessional to be added to our team to support our students. Interviews for this new position are underway.

In addition to our outstanding academic programming, we strongly believe that social, emotional, and behavioral supports for students is critical to their development. We’ll continue to seek out and advocate for these types of supports for all of our students.

Thank you!

Jeff & Tiffany


恭喜我們的三藩市巨人隊 !而且特別 ‘ 謝謝’ Joyce Woo策劃我們的萬聖節慶祝活動 !

我們的STEAM團隊上周有會議為山頂的科學、 技術、 工程、 藝術、 和數學開始遠景規劃過程。我們討論三年級和四年級學生在Spary Truck的成功探訪。Weis老師分享關於他在 Code.org的訓練和我們打算在秋季為我們六年級學生引入編碼。

我們下次STEAM團隊會議將於十一月二十四日星期一下午四時半在我們的新夥伴,Clever.com的辦事處舉行。Clever.com的辦事處的地址是140 2nd Street,四樓,三藩市, CA 94105. 我們邀請了斯坦福大學設計學校的代表參加此會議來談論在將來與山頂的合作機會。對我們來說擴大我們外部夥伴的網路繼續是一優先事項和我們都很興奮 Clever.com為主持這次會議和外展至斯坦福!如果你有興趣成為STEAM團隊的一份子,請來參加此會議!

我們將繼續為我們的學生提倡更多社會、 情感、 和支持。由於這提倡活動整整一個月我們得到校區提供’504輔助專業人員’。這工作人員將幫助我們發展504支持計畫、規劃和支持實施行為干預措施並幫助策劃為學生提供額外的服務。



除了我們傑出的學術設計外,我們強烈認為學生的情感、 行為和社會支持對他們的發展至關重要。我們會繼續尋找和為所有的學生提倡這些類型的支持。


Jeff & Tiffany