Greetings, Rooftop!

We are now on Week 34!  The end of the school year is just upon us.  With all the activities lined up between now and May 31st, the last four and half weeks will go by in a breeze.

You are invited to come to our annual Open House on Thursday, May 2nd. Open House at Burnett starts at 6:00 pm and goes until 7:00. The Mayeda Open House starts at 6:30 and lasts until 7:30. I hope to see you all there.

This is Week Two of the STAR testing.  Our kids are working so hard and are giving the test their best shot.  Thank you for your continued support.

I hope that you are planning to come to our International Festival, one of our biggest events in the school year.  Everyone tells me that  it is an event to look forward to.  Please join us in celebrating the richness that every student brings to our school community.  Witness the performances of the many talents we have at Rooftop.  Enjoy the Rooftop community spirit!  I surely hope to see you on Friday, May 10th!

Congratulations to our newly elected PTA Executive Board Members:

President:  Joel Alegre
Vice President: Kelly Dearman
Treasurer: Graeme Merry
Secretary: Renee Minnis
Historian: Caroline Abate
Fundraising: Maryann Ibrihim

Jeffrey Burgos


Saludos Rooftop,

Translation Forthcoming…

Jeffrey Burgos



這是學期的第三十四星期! 這學年很快就結束。由現在至五月三十一日學校有很多活動所以最後四星期會很快渡過。

誠意邀請你來參加我們每年度的開放日。Burnett 校園開放日將在五月二日(星期四)下午六時至七時舉行。Mayeda校園開放日將在五月二日(星期四)下午六時半至七時半舉行。我希望介時見到你。


我希望你將會計畫來參加我們學校每年度最大活動之一的國際藝術節。所有人都告訴我它是一件值得期待的活動。請與我們一起慶祝每個學生帶給我們學校社區豐富性的多元文化。見證在山頂內我們有很多才華的表演。享受山頂社區精神 !我當然希望在五月十日(星期五)見到你!


主席:  Joel Alegre

副主席: Kelly Dearman

財政: Graeme Merry

秘書: Renee Minnis

歷史家: Caroline Abate

籌款: Maryann Ibrihim

Jeffrey Burgos