Greetings, Rooftop!

Our first PreK tour last week was well-attended. Education Placement Education Executive Director Darlene Lim, Special Ed Supervisor Denise Oliviera, and Early Education rep Courtney Graham joined me and our School Tour Committee in welcoming and providing information to our prospective parents. Our second and last PreK tour is scheduled at 8:15 – 9:15 a.m on Thursday, February 20th. The deadline to submit PreK application in Room 104 at the 555 Franklin, is on Friday, February 21st, 2014. Please share this information to interested families.

Next week is Parent Teacher Conference Week. I know that the teachers have sent out appointment notices already. Please make every effort to come and meet with your child’s teachers. As parents, we have much to glean from conversations with teachers on how to best support our children to ensure their success at school. If you need assistance in scheduling appointments with our teachers, please call at 695-5691 (Burnett) or 522-6757 (Mayeda). Please note that school ends at 12:50 p.m., an hour early, for the whole of next week.

It is never too early to invite you to come to one of Rooftop’s biggest fundraisers / events of the year. Mark your calendar The annual Rooftop Auction & Children’s Art Show is on Saturday, March 15th at the Hall of Flowers. I look forward to seeing all of you in what promises to be an fun and exciting evening.

With you in building, strengthening, and sustaining a strong community of successful learners,

Jeffrey Burgos


Saludos Rooftop!

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Jeffrey Burgos



我們的學校網站理事會邀請你參加明天二月二十日(星期四) 下午六時在Burnett多用途室舉行的重要社區會議。這是第二部分會議收集學校社區對我們現在所做的評價及我們能如何進一步改善為我們的學生和家庭所提供的服務。我鼓勵在兩星期前曾參加惠特尼青年社區會議的人仕再來參加明天會議為上一次會議的想法作更深入的研究。將提供食物和托兒服務。我預先感謝你們幫助我們的改進工作。

我們上周的第一次學前班學校參觀是踴躍參加。教育就業教育執行主Darlene Lim、 特別教育署主管Denise Oliviera 和早期教育代表Courtney Graham與我和我們學校參觀的委員會一起歡迎和向我們未來的父母提供資料。我們第二次和最後一次學校參觀將安排在明天星期四二月二十日上午八時十五分至九時十五分舉行。申請表請在二零一四年二月二十一日星期五前交回555 Franklin1街一零四號房。請幫助傳播這消息。


永遠不會太早邀請你來到山頂的最大籌款活動之一/一年一年的事件。一年一年的的拍賣會將於三月十五日(星期六)在百花廳(Hall of Flowers)舉行。期待著能見到你。我承諾將是一個有趣和令人興奮的晚上。


Jeffrey Burgos